2017 Year of Keito Revelation

Hi Keito!!!

I just want to say that you did magnificently this year! You have definitely shown us a lot of yourself and have become more expressive in your passion for JUMP and the fans! 😀

Let me congratulate you for a job well done and for finally being able to compose for and with the group on your 10th anniversary and even had H.our Time performed on national TV!!! I would have liked to see it performed live though but since I live overseas, it is a challenge to actually come to your shows to see you. 🙁

I really hope that you and Jump would be able to hold your concerts outside Japan. How about another tour around the world? Your fans from across the globe are so excited to see you in person! 😉

My favorite so far was your Shounen Club Premium guesting where you showed how much you’ve changed over the years. I think that time you were The Reaction King! You even won the award for the most changed (improved?) person in 10years! 2017 indeed was the Year of Keito Revelations!!! By the way, I liked the jacket on you! <3

You know, it’s good that you have been talking more on shows and you actually managed a timely wink at the camera while performing White Love! Please smile more and show us a Keito with different faces again in 2018!

I hope to see you in a drama again soon!

Happy New Year Keito! Yoroshiku~

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