Dear. Okamoto Keito



Dear Okamoto Keito,

How are you today? Have you eat your meals? Are you laughing or crying? It is 4th October today and I am writing this letter to you specially on my birthday. I know I should wait for your birthday but on your birthday, i will write another letter again for you.

Honestly when I first saw you, I never knew that you will be this important to me. You are the joy of my life and someone i love dearly. Probably i love you more than I love myself. I love everything about you. As a person. You are so cool, so funny, so adorable, so humble and sometimes I wonder how can such person exists.

Keito, in case nobody tell you this, you are stronger than you think. You are someone who is strong enough to overcome all the difficulties in your life. To live in a foreign country far from your parents at young age and joining the agency without any experience like the other members probably not many people can go through that. You work very hard to achieve your dream and to improve yourself. I understand that sometimes you may feel worthless, you may feel like you haven’t contribute much, you may feel like have no improvement. But Keito, have you looking back to when you have just started? You have accomplished a lot and there’s so many things have improved Keito! In dancing and singing. Your confidence has increased! We notice your improvements! Be proud of yourself Keito! If you think you are not perfect, to me there’s such beauty in that imperfection.

You probably didn’t know this, but thanks to you I was able to pass two of my professional exams and my language proficiency test despite I am struggling with my full time job. Your “Be yourself! You can do it!” are my motivation to do all my best and it worked! Because of you now i am able to understand Japanese although I still have a long way to go. Because of you I am able to do something which seems impossible for me. Thank you Keito. You are such an inspiration!

You continue to amaze me with all the things you did. Like how good your writing skill is and how beautiful the song you composed. Your JUMPaper and your Keitopinion made my day and I never missed reading your entry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and writing to us Keito. You make me and the other fans feel connected to you. Thank you for your lovely song you make for us. We appreciate all the thoughts that you put while creating such beautiful masterpiece.

Thank you for existing and your existence is not a lie. You should know that you have lots of fans out there who will keep cheering and keep supporting you. As usual I will continue to support you and love you come hell or high water. I love you so much Keito. I wish you will be more successful with many opportunities come to you. I pray that you will be surrounded with people, be it friends or family who actually care for you. I want to say that if you need me, I will always be here for you. Haha but I know we are too far. And indeed you are too far for me to reach too. Stay strong Keito. You are not alone! You still have my support and all the other fans support. I won’t leave you alone. I still hope that we can go eat Yakiniku together someday XD


Lots  of love,
Hana (from Malaysia)


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