My Inspiration

okamoto keito

Dear Keito,

I got to know Hey!Say!Jump five years ago, when a friend show me some songs and invited me to her dance cover group. When she and the others show me the dance versions of several songs I saw you back, with that lovely face of you that reflected all the effort you put in the group, and I have admired you since then.

I’ve always think that you are amazing for the way you give your all in the concerts, and in everything you do. The way you can smile and give everything is my inspiration. You are the best~

I love your episode of Itadaki High Jump: The expressions you make, and the way you react always cheer me up.

Your smile is what gives me happiness and hope. Whenever I’m feeling sad or down I look for you.

Thank you for being so awesome and so cute.

I’ll be cheering for you, till the end~