I’m Always With You..

okamoto keito

Oh my dear Keito,

Where do I begin? It’s 1:55AM where I am now and I’m seriously thinking about what to say to you. You make me happy, so so happy you have no idea. It will be a year in December since I became a fan but somehow, it feels like the connection I have with you is longer and deeper than that. It must be weird reading a letter from a stranger, a million miles away from you expressing their love and support. But I REALLY do love you Keito! With all my heart!

Thank you for making KEITOpinion, it’s a nice insight into your thoughts. Has anyone ever told you that you have way with words? You write so beautifully.. Please keep on writing and I will always be your avid reader I promise you that 🙂 I know sometimes you feel like you don’t do much in the group that’s why you try your hardest in everything you do but Keito, YOU DO MATTER. You matter to your brothers/band mates but most of all, YOU MATTER TO US your fans. You matter to me! I’m sorry if this letter is all over the place, you know how they say it’s difficult to put something into words when the feeling is too strong? That’s how I feel towards you. It’s a roller coaster, I’ve been sad for you, been worried for you but most of all, I’ve been HAPPY for you. I’m happy that you’re putting yourself out there, doing more and I could only hope the best for you my dearest Keito…

I pray this website reaches you. I hope you come here often to read our messages for you. This won’t be my last one, you can count on that 😉 I want you to know that somewhere in the world, under the same sky, under the same sun and moon, someone is thinking of you…

I am always with you. 大好きだよ圭人!!!

Much Love,


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