To Whom I Love

okamoto keito

Dear Okamoto Keito.

I joined this blog as a moderator as soon as I saw the opportunity.


Because I care.
I want to share more love to you because you deserve it. You deserve so much more than you think you do Keito. During my darkest days, when I think that there’s no hope left in the world, I get reminded of you. You make me smile and laugh. You, and all the members never cease to fail in lifting up my spirits. With you I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve screamed with fear, joy, anger, and so many whirlwinding emotions that I just can’t comprehend in one moment. It’s like a roller coaster. One that I hope will have a good ending.

Keito, in your ups and downs, I will support you. I will be by your side, whether you see me or not.
I know that, as an international fan, I will not get as much opportunity to support you like the local fans do, but I am willing to go the extra mile for you.

Keito you are so many things. Handsome, funny, adorable. I love the way you sing, and the unique muskiness to your voice has this soft lilt hat can always lull me into peace. I love your hair, long or short, no matter how narcissistic you are about it. Your hair is fabulous, be proud. I love your random english outbursts. I love how you put the members before the fans. I love your aesthetically pleasing lifestyle that makes you sound like a classy mom that does yoga. Which isn’t a bad thing, but just a thought I had. Keito there’s so much about you that I love, too much.

You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You are worth it.

Words cannot put all my feelings down correctly. The more I write the more the tears will bubble up and my heart will overflow with so much emotions. But I hope you understand. I will always be there for you.

To Whom I Love
From: Cee Milla