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With all my love

My dearest Keito,

An idea was born in my heart of hearts, to somehow find a way to say to you how very much you are loved. Not just by me, but by all of this fandom. We all feel like we’ve not just simply watched you grow up, but have in fact grown up with you. We’ve went on the long journey with you through so many ups and downs.

We’ve cried tears, we’ve laughed so hard our tummies have hurt, and we’ve cheered for you, held our breath many times, and wanted to step in to protect you more than you could ever guess.

I am so proud of you. I am proud of where you have been, where you are, and excited to see where you will now go. You are an exceptional guy–and I am thankful that you are a brilliant part of my world. It is my hope, my dream, my very heart sent across the world straight to you–that you will know–you changed my life. You have affected me in a deeply profound way–and I am not alone.

That was the dream of this site. That you’d see. It’s not just one person. It’s not just a couple, but it’s so very, very many lives, hearts, and souls you have truly impacted with the amazingly wonderful person you are!

I hope, that on the worst of days, this page, and the notes written here will become a reminder to you that you are never alone. The hearts of all of us go with you where ever you will go.

With all my love,

Juliet Alayne


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okamoto keito

To Whom I Love

Dear Okamoto Keito.

I joined this blog as a moderator as soon as I saw the opportunity.


Because I care.
I want to share more love to you because you deserve it. You deserve so much more than you think you do Keito. During my darkest days, when I think that there’s no hope left in the world, I get reminded of you. You make me smile and laugh. You, and all the members never cease to fail in lifting up my spirits. With you I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve screamed with fear, joy, anger, and so many whirlwinding emotions that I just can’t comprehend in one moment. It’s like a roller coaster. One that I hope will have a good ending.

Keito, in your ups and downs, I will support you. I will be by your side, whether you see me or not.
I know that, as an international fan, I will not get as much opportunity to support you like the local fans do, but I am willing to go the extra mile for you.

Keito you are so many things. Handsome, funny, adorable. I love the way you sing, and the unique muskiness to your voice has this soft lilt hat can always lull me into peace. I love your hair, long or short, no matter how narcissistic you are about it. Your hair is fabulous, be proud. I love your random english outbursts. I love how you put the members before the fans. I love your aesthetically pleasing lifestyle that makes you sound like a classy mom that does yoga. Which isn’t a bad thing, but just a thought I had. Keito there’s so much about you that I love, too much.

You are loved.
You are appreciated.
You are worth it.

Words cannot put all my feelings down correctly. The more I write the more the tears will bubble up and my heart will overflow with so much emotions. But I hope you understand. I will always be there for you.

To Whom I Love
From: Cee Milla

okamoto keito

To our loveliest English gentleman

Dearest Keito,

It’s been 5 years since I first knew about you, and back then you were shy and soft-spoken, so I didn’t really know much about you. But now, you’ve stepped out of your shell and learnt to express yourself more, I’ve come to realize how much you can shine.

You’re the kindest and most gentle idol I’ve ever met, you care for others more than you do for yourself. You said you would put the happiness of JUMP before anything, always looking out for them from the sides. You love your fans unconditionally, even writing us a song to say thank you.

This time, on this day we celebrate JUMP’s 10th anniversary, we want to say thank you to YOU.

Keito, thank you for being such a gentleman, for taking care of the other JUMP members, for sharing your life and your thoughts with us, for taking on your own solo feature in ItaJan, for composing H.our Time, for giving your all in everything that you do.

Most of all, thank you for being YOU. You’re perfect and we love you the way you are, so please continue to be yourself, and allow us to love you even more.

Wishing you good health and happiness in the days to come.



okamoto keito

To you, who doesn’t know how much we love yo...

To be honest with you, I never thought I’d be writing a letter to you but you know what, the people who created this site made me realize that I really need to express my appreciation for you. We all know that you seem conscious about your work whether or not you are exceeding your band members’ expectations or disappointing them. We know that you may have messed up a few times. We know that you may be insecure about your own performing abilities as an idol.

Although with all those insecurities, doubts, and mistakes, we know that you are working hard. So hard. We’ve all noticed how much you have improved your dancing, your voice, and how much you want to be involved with your group. It must have been hard to suddenly join a talent agency, let alone a group that’s about to debut when you have just come back from England. But, we do admire every piece of effort you make in trying to make not only us proud, but your group too.

I remember when you said that you wanted to make your group happy first before the fans and Ryosuke scolded you for that. Honestly, that was really sweet of you and I personally didn’t feel like you didn’t love your fans, I felt like you were right to put your band first before your fans. I admire you because of that.

I’ve only been a fan for around 9 months so I can’t really say that I’ve been with you through it all, but honestly I don’t think it matters because whenever I see you on any platform, standing there with your widest grin, I realize how strong you are to withstand everything that happened before I was into the group. I can’t speak for the entirety of this fan-base, but I know that we are all happy for you and we hope that you continue to inspire us with your hard work and perseverance.

Thank you for making us proud, Keito Okamoto! You are a blessing to this world and we all love you so much.

Lots of Love,

Anya <3

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okamoto keito

I’m Always With You..

Oh my dear Keito,

Where do I begin? It’s 1:55AM where I am now and I’m seriously thinking about what to say to you. You make me happy, so so happy you have no idea. It will be a year in December since I became a fan but somehow, it feels like the connection I have with you is longer and deeper than that. It must be weird reading a letter from a stranger, a million miles away from you expressing their love and support. But I REALLY do love you Keito! With all my heart!

Thank you for making KEITOpinion, it’s a nice insight into your thoughts. Has anyone ever told you that you have way with words? You write so beautifully.. Please keep on writing and I will always be your avid reader I promise you that 🙂 I know sometimes you feel like you don’t do much in the group that’s why you try your hardest in everything you do but Keito, YOU DO MATTER. You matter to your brothers/band mates but most of all, YOU MATTER TO US your fans. You matter to me! I’m sorry if this letter is all over the place, you know how they say it’s difficult to put something into words when the feeling is too strong? That’s how I feel towards you. It’s a roller coaster, I’ve been sad for you, been worried for you but most of all, I’ve been HAPPY for you. I’m happy that you’re putting yourself out there, doing more and I could only hope the best for you my dearest Keito…

I pray this website reaches you. I hope you come here often to read our messages for you. This won’t be my last one, you can count on that 😉 I want you to know that somewhere in the world, under the same sky, under the same sun and moon, someone is thinking of you…

I am always with you. 大好きだよ圭人!!!

Much Love,


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okamoto keito

Here For You

Okamoto Keito, as Hey! Say! JUMP’s 10th anniversary passed, I wonder what you are feeling? I hope you are feeling joy. Looking back at your years, from when you first began, do you see how much you’ve accomplished? How much you’ve grown? You’ve grown so much Keito. I hope you realize that.

I’ll keep cheering for you and watching your grow even bigger and better from now on.

Happy 10th anniversary,

Love, Lala

So Keito...

So Keito…

Hello Keito, I really hope you find this website and read our messages. I’m a huge fan of hey say jump! Although I became a fan around March, I learned so much about you guys. When I researched members one by one, I became more interested in you because you knew how to speak English. I always searched on YouTube, “Keito Okamoto speaking English.” Every time I hear your English, it really melts my heart. English is not the only thing I love about you, I love you as a person, your personality. You are so sweet and kind. Physically, you are adorable! As an international fan (I’m from USA) , I am telling you that there are many fans out there who loves you! So don’t think you only have Japanese fans. Remember you have fans outside of Japan who are crazy about you! I really hope you have the chance to meet your international fans because I am hoping to meet you one day. One day, I’ll come to Japan and hopefully have a conversation in English with you 😀

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself

Okamoto Keito-san,

You may have come into the entertainment world due to your father’s influence, but please don’t think that is the reason you have succeeded. Your talent is incredible and you are a valuable member of your group. Hey Say Jump wouldn’t be the same without you, nor would Johnnys. Never doubt that there are fans who believe in your talent and support you! No matter what tabloids make up. We support you and believe you.

Meg Rose


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To Our Dear Sir Keito Okamoto 岡本 圭人

To Our Dear Sir Keito Okamoto 岡本 圭人

Our sweetest happiest smile ?

Cinnamon English Gentleman, Okamoto Keito

To Keito, our sweet, sweet cinnamon roll.? (Hmmm maybe we should drop that “cinnamon roll” huh? Then better things will come your way??!)


Oh, I know! I shall call you “Sir Keito because you’re like my Knight in Shining Armour?!) Yes!

Sir Keito Okamoto! I am your humble servant, Nice! ? “Nice” to meet you Sir Keito! ?

I hope all is well with you ?. In fact, not just well, but I hope you are in a very happy place right now and always ??☃!


Today, I read your JUMPaper (9/26/2017) and I am truly grateful for every time that you update or post something?. You are the most thoughtful ? wonderful person (judging by the length and depth of entries that you post and your comments on Itajan) that I know?! And you are a celebrity?! A popular idol?! The sweetest member of the hottest Japanese Idol group, Hey! Say! JUMP?! How lucky can anyone get?? For someone such as yourself, to pour their heart❤ and soul? in a simple online journal, to make people happy ? and keep us updated on the daily life and random thoughts of a hot idol??? This is undeniably, one of the most remarkable gifts ?? that anyone could have! Especially to someone who’s a fan?!


Did you know? I really appreciate that you’re taking great lengths to write to us which is why we, too, are taking great lengths (literally, geographically LOL) to write to you even though you might not even be able to see or read our messages?. Still, it is our greatest dream ☄ that someday, very soon, you will come across this site and see all of the letters that we (your fans) have written for you and that somehow, these messages?, along with the feelings ? and emotions ? of everyone who wrote them?, will reach you and be your guide?, your inspiration?, in a way, and bring you much joy☃ in your life.


Finally, I just wish for you to find great joy? in whatever you’re doing, knowing that your happiness is our happiness ?. And that much more amazing, marvelous things, projects, will come your way very soon (hopefully this year and every month thereafter)?.




P.S. I’ll always look out ? for your happy smiling face! ???????☃


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Keito_Thai_wife ?

Keito_Thai_wife ?

Hi ….Okamoto-kun!!

I’m your girlfriend from Thailand ! Haha ? Really long time that I waiting you and HSJ members have concert in Thailand like you said about almost 4 years ago ~ I’m still waiting !

Hope to meet you again in Thailand ! Really hope this !!!!!!!!!! Please Keito!!