To the most unexpected member

Hi, Keito. When I first heard your announcement, the thing that came out of my mind was the interview you had for the White Love single. I’ve realized then that it has always been your dream to act. So, kindly do your best and we’ll be right here waiting for you.

It is no secret to your fans that you’ve always wanted to be a weapon for JUMP. For us, Keito Okamoto is JUMP’s hidden ace. Not because of your English, but because of the things you can do expectedly.

Like, deciding on studying at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts – New York Campus. We heard that the school is so prestigious, and not all auditionees were accepted. You’ve taken one step and we’ll support you from here.

You’re the most unexpected member of Hey! Say! JUMP but Keito always deserve to be on it. We need a Keito Okamoto in JUMP because Keito conveys the feelings of his members properly.

Kindly be reminded that we’ll always be right here waiting for you. Thank you.


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