You are my inspiration

Hi Keito,

I really want to tell you that you have been my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP member for almost 2 years already and my love for you just keeps on growing and growing. Every time I see you, I always wonder how can someone so cool, so handsome, so adorable, so funny, so humble, so talented, and so interesting like you exist in this world? Yet for some reason, not enough people see that in you. I don’t (and never will) understand why you’re not more popular or on TV more often! I feel like it’s my lifelong duty to show you off to the world so that more and more people can see how cool and amazing you are!

I know many people refer to you as a gentleman, the nice guy, the English boy, the son of former Otokogumi member Kenichi Okamoto, the guitarist, and so on. But to me, you are so much more than that. You are an inspiration. And I’ll tell you why:

– To be able to adapt in a foreign country at a young age all by yourself and learn a difficult language such as English in a short amount of time. I applaud you!
– To be able to compose a beautiful song that expresses your gratitude towards your fans and members. I applaud you!
– To be able to express your emotions so clearly in writing using your way with words that makes all of the fans tear up every time. I applaud you!
To be able to practice your singing and dancing tirelessly just to keep up with the other members. I applaud you!
To be able to shine so brightly as a Johnny’s idol without relying on your father’s influence. I applaud you!

In short, I see you as someone who never gives up his dreams, someone who can overcome any obstacle thrown at him, and someone who never takes anything for granted. But most of all, I see you as someone I truly admire. I feel that I should really learn to be like you. You probably don’t know this and it might sound weird to you but I was able to get a great job about 6 months ago thanks to you. On the night before my job interview, I replayed a clip of you saying “Be yourself! You can do it!” in order to make it seem like you were cheering for me. I took that advice to heart and believe it or not, it worked! So, thank you so much Keito! LOL

So don’t ever think for one second that you are worthless, boring, not funny, or whatever because you are not! You have so many fans from all over the world, including me, who want to see you more on TV, listen to more of your beautiful compositions, sing more solo lines in JUMP songs, rock out on your guitar, and maybe just to get to know you better.

We never met in person but I really want to thank you for making my life better and for motivating me to try to become a better person. Whoever marries you in the future will be the luckiest person in the world. Maybe someday I can travel to Japan and go to a Hey! Say! JUMP concert to show you how much I love you. I don’t know when but it will happen! Mark my words! LOL. I love you so much, Keito my dear and I look forward to seeing what Johnny’s has in store for you next!


Christina (a fan from the US)

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