To you, who doesn’t know how much we love you.

okamoto keito

To be honest with you, I never thought I’d be writing a letter to you but you know what, the people who created this site made me realize that I really need to express my appreciation for you. We all know that you seem conscious about your work whether or not you are exceeding your band members’ expectations or disappointing them. We know that you may have messed up a few times. We know that you may be insecure about your own performing abilities as an idol.

Although with all those insecurities, doubts, and mistakes, we know that you are working hard. So hard. We’ve all noticed how much you have improved your dancing, your voice, and how much you want to be involved with your group. It must have been hard to suddenly join a talent agency, let alone a group that’s about to debut when you have just come back from England. But, we do admire every piece of effort you make in trying to make not only us proud, but your group too.

I remember when you said that you wanted to make your group happy first before the fans and Ryosuke scolded you for that. Honestly, that was really sweet of you and I personally didn’t feel like you didn’t love your fans, I felt like you were right to put your band first before your fans. I admire you because of that.

I’ve only been a fan for around 9 months so I can’t really say that I’ve been with you through it all, but honestly I don’t think it matters because whenever I see you on any platform, standing there with your widest grin, I realize how strong you are to withstand everything that happened before I was into the group. I can’t speak for the entirety of this fan-base, but I know that we are all happy for you and we hope that you continue to inspire us with your hard work and perseverance.

Thank you for making us proud, Keito Okamoto! You are a blessing to this world and we all love you so much.

Lots of Love,

Anya <3

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